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A water filter media is vital for any filtration process. Knowing what toxin may exist in your water can aid in determining what type of filter media will be most effective. Our water filter media includes Active Carbon, ION, and more. Although single-media filters used to be more popular in the past, advances in technology have made dual and multi-media filters much more effective. Filtering water using a multi-media filter system represents a significant improvement over single-media filters primarily due to the ability to clarify water at a much higher flow rate. The filters also deliver an enhanced filter-bed action resulting from the innovative use of media.

Model: PMXC180
Polymex C-180 is a strong acid polystyrene-gel type cation resin
Model: AC-12/40/W
Coconut Shell CArbon
Model: Gravel 1/4-1/8
Percent Passing 5% -98%
Model: Katalox-Light
High content (10%) gamma Manganese dioxide (MnO2) coated ZEOSORB
Model: Gravel #20
Percent Passing 5% -96%
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