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Wave Cyber 4' Side Port Membrane Pressure Vessel

EWP-USA carries Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) membrane pressure vessels. 8" FRP RO end cap membrane housings are widely used in reverse osmosis water treatment system. 150 PSI to 1200 PSI, end port. FRP MPVs have a wider choice of port types and configurations that are suitable for both low and high pressure applications. The smooth inner surface of these vessels facilitates easy membrane installation while the high dimensional accuracy results in tight seals to help ensure leak free operation

They are precision engineered to improve the overall design and overall performance of your system. The manufacturer (Wave Cyber) uses the most advanced computerized winding technology and manufacturing equipment to achieve the highest integrity of their membrane pressure vessels. If your application requires low pressure or high pressure, this line of MPV products and options can be the perfect fit for your machine or system.

Membrane Specifications & Quote Request


This example is provided to show you the proper way to specify your port locations. Please understand this example before filling out the quote request page.

4' Example.png

Step 1:

Membrane Housing Length

Membrane Housing Length Options

Membrane Housing Max. Operating Pressure

Operating Pressure Options

Side Port Size

Side Port Size

Side Port Material

Side Port Material

Step 2:

Feed / Concentrate Port

This chart is used to specify the location of the ports you are needing for your vessel's configuration, Select your proper Side Port locations.

Side Port 3
Side Port 5
Side Port 1
Side Port 7
Side Port 4
Side Port 6
Side Port 2
Side Port 8

Thanks! We’ll send you a price quote shortly.

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